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Fresh Water Ecology

Garbage! Why do we care about it?

    Humans generate a lot of garbage. While some of the garbage is burned (incinerated) most of it is land filled. Landfills take up a lot of space, and the world is running out of places to put them. After all would you want a landfill in your backyard. Yet landfills are a necessity. Many people don't know or care about what happens to their garbage after the garbage is taken away by the "Garbage Men". But they should! The garbage doesn't just disappear, it piles up in land fills.


Think About It

The average American produces how many pounds of garbage a day?

A. 1.43 pounds

B. 2.43 pounds

C. 3.34 pounds

D. 4.34 pounds

Click here for the answer.

    Landfills take that garbage and compact it as best they can. After each day the garbage is covered with auto fluff. When the landfill is full it is capped off the garbage is sealed in so tight that it is like a tomb. The garbage takes longer that normal to decompose.


How long to decompose???

Guess how long it takes for each of these items to decompose naturally.

A. Newspaper

B. Plastic Jug

C. Disposable Diaper

D. Glass Jar

Answers will be posted soon.


    Other methods of waste deposal include incineration and compost. Land fills receive 90% of your garbage.


So what can you do???

One very helpful thing anyone can do is start a compost pile.

You will be able to compost any food wastes, yard wastes,

or other parts of plants.

Click here to find out how.

    Also remember to recycle whatever you can.


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