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Fresh Water Ecology

The Atmosphere


    Every day millions of people drive their car to work. These cars let out many fumes. One is carbon monoxide (CO) another is carbon dioxide (CO2). Carbon dioxide is a green house gas. Carbon dioxide and other gases trap the sun's heat after it bounces off Earth surface. This affect (the green house affect) allows life on Earth by keep and constant temperature. With out the green affect Earth would become to cold at night and we would freeze to death. BUT, to many green house gases will cause the Earth will become to hot to allow life.


So What can you do???

To reduce green house gases try to drive your car less.

Walk or ride a bicycle instead. If you do need to go some where far,

try to take mass transit like a bus or train.


    Another problem is Ozone depletion. The ozone is a layer is the atmosphere that captures ultraviolet rays from the sun, allowing life on Earth. The Ozone is made of O3 molecules. CFC's (chlorofluorocarbons) are used in air conditioners, refrigerators, and arousal cans. These molecules (CFC's) escape and float up to the ozone layer. It is here that the chlorine atom breaks off and attacks O3 molecules changing them into O2 molecules.


Where are the

Biggest ozone holes found???

A. The Poles of the Earth (Arctic and Antarctic)

B. The Equator (tropics) of the Earth

C. The Temperate zones (USA)

Click here for the Answer.


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